With a successful opening shot on the “journey across the sea”, Trungnam SMC demonstrated OFFSHORE WIND POWER CONSTRUCTION CAPACITY when participating in direct installation work, in the Dong Hai 1 – Tra Vinh wind power project:

Dong Hai 1 – Tra Vinh Wind Power

✡️ Directly install wind turbine near shore (using 03 barges installed with various payloads of 12,995T, 14,049T, 7,688T with 1,250T crane equipment).

✡️ Using a system of specialized barges to transport equipment from the port to the construction site.

✨[Dong Hai 1 – Tra Vinh offshore wind power project]

? Investment costs are up to nearly 5,000 billion VND.

? Total capacity is 100MW.

? Scale of 25 wind turbines, each wind turbine has a capacity of 4 MW.


Specialized barges for the construction and installation of wind turbine at sea


With the “speedy” construction capacity, Trungnam SMC has brought the Dong Hai 1 – Tra Vinh offshore wind power project “to the finish line” on time amid the “hot” time of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The offshore wind power construction process faces many challenges due to its dependence on weather conditions. In addition, the construction equipment must also withstand the corrosion of sea salt.

Understanding these difficulties, Trungnam SMC has equipped with specialized equipment to serve the construction of wind power at sea, including the largest barge system in Vietnam.

  • – 12.995 tons barge.
  • – 14.049 tons barge.
  • – 7.688 tons barge.

In particular, the barge system with integrated crane with a capacity of up to 1,250 tons, supports the offshore wind turbine installation process.

Trungnam SMC is proud to be a capable unit in the construction and installation of offshore wind turbines. We are committed to bringing you the best wind power construction solutions with the most specialized and quality equipment today!