Trungnam SMC strengths in the O&M wind turbine market

Before entering the O&M wind turbine market, Trungnam SMC has already been a reputable enterprise in the field of transportation, construction and installation of wind power projects with experience in participating in many national and Southeast Asia scale wind power projects.

Trungnam SMC là Tổng thầu thi công lắp đặt, vận chuyển cho dự án điện gió Ea Nam - Đắk Lắk

Besides that, in Vietnamese market Trungnam SMC is also a leading company when owning more than 400 wind power industry specialized equipment from cranes for installation and lifting to barge systems for construction and transportation, and other supporting equipment.

Therefore, Trungnam SMC has many outstanding advantages in providing solution service for O&M wind turbines:

– Understanding wind turbine structure, including: components, electromechanical systems, operating principles, mechanical installation…

– Providing solutions and implementation plans accurately, in accordance with the characteristics of each project.

– Providing a full range of supporting equipment to participate in the operation and maintenance of onshore and offshore wind power projects.

– Having an experienced team including leading experts from Europe, a technical engineering team, operators, HSE with over 15 years of experience in the wind power industry equipped with a full range of occupational certificates: GWO certificate, Rope Access certificate, Blade Repair certificate…

Providing a diversity of O&M wind turbine services

Trungnam SMC specializes in providing fast, efficient and cost-effective all-in-one services of wind turbine inspection, maintenance and repair for onshore and offshore wind power projects across Vietnam and local region.

Depending on each project’s demand, Trungnam SMC will provide flexible wind turbine O&M services, suitable for each turbine model and investor’s requirements:

– Replacing turbine components: blade, gearbox, transformer, generator…

– Repair wind blades by using crane basket, Rope Access method…

– Cleaning, painting and repairing wind tower, blades, hubs, nacelle service…

– Providing personnel for operating wind power projects.

– Transporting wind power equipment serving operation and maintenance tasks.

Repair wind blades Phương pháp sửa chữa, kiểm tra cánh quạt điện gió bằng rọ

Although just recently joined the O&M wind turbine market, Trungnam SMC has marked a certain impression on the industry map with turbine operation and maintenance contracts from the world-famous turbine brand such as Enercon, Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, GE…

O&M wind turbine projects that Trungnam SMC has participated can be listed:

– Replacing gearbox for wind turbine.

– Participating in the repair and replacement of wind turbine blades.

– Repairing turbine blades by rope access method.

– Providing painting services for blade repair by using crane basket.

– Replacing wind turbine mainshaft.

Repairing turbine blades by rope access method at Hoa Binh 5 Bac Lieu Wind Farm

Repairing turbine blades by rope access method

Participating in the repair and replacement of wind turbine blades at Dong Hai 1 Wind Farm in Tra Vinh

Participating in the repair and replacement of wind turbine blades

Replacing gearbox for Tan Thuan Ca Mau Wind Farm

Replacing gearbox for offshore wind power project.

These initial successes are solid stepping stones proving Trungnam SMC’s capacity in Vietnam O&M wind turbine market, which is forecasted to be developing strongly in the upcoming time.

With the great advantage of a diverse system of specialized equipment, together with rich experience and a tireless working spirit, Trungnam SMC’s team is always ready to participate in the processes regardless of day and night; which has contributed significantly to affirming that Trungnam SMC is the first choice in the field of providing O&M wind turbine services for onshore and offshore wind power projects.

Personnel size

76 people
Office staff
46 people
400 pcs

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