Super-long and super-heavy transportation

Specialized super-heavy transport vehicles at Trungnam SMC

Vehicles transporting overweight goods are peculiarly designed vehicles to carry items with a length of over 20m, a width of over 2.5m, a height of over 4.2m, and cargo tonnage of over 32MT which have been licensed for circulation.

For the moment, Trungnam SMC provides a full range of specialized land and sea transport vehicles.

1. Super-heavy transport vehicles by land

Trungnam SMC is one of the top-notch companies in the heavy-duty transport field in Viet Nam. We own super-heavy transportation vehicle fleets including:

  • – 100 THP Trailer Goldhofer Axles.
  • – 48 SPMT Scheuerle Axles (Trungnam SMC’s latest model is the most up-to-date Trailer in Viet Nam – with the maximum permissible load of 1600MT).
  • – Different types of tractors.
  • – 11 Goldhofer Specialized Wind Blade Transportation.
  • – 4 installation barges 14.000MT, 109m in length (the largest barges system in Viet Nam).
  • – Over 50 extendable trailers with other support equipment.

Hệ thống rơ mooc chuyên dụng 1

Hệ thống rơ mooc chuyên dụng vận chuyển hàng siêu trường siêu trọng

The specialized trailer system for transporting super-heavy goods


Hệ thống Dolly kéo cánh hỗ trợ vận chuyển cánh quạt gió

Dolly system supports wind blade transportation

Quá trình vận chuyển siêu trường siêu trọng của Trungnam SMC đến địa điểm thi công dự án

The process of transporting super-heavy to the construction site of Trungnam SMC

2. Super-heavy transport vehicles by sea

Besides the massive transportation system by road, Trungnam SMC exclusively transports by sea to serve the offshore wind generation projects construction.

Currently, Trungnam SMC owns a barge system with a spread of payloads: 12.995MT, 14.049MT, and 7.688MT for the transportation and installation of wind generation. In which, 12.995T and 14.049MT barges are integrated with cranes to support offshore wind power installation, 2 7.688MT barges are particularly used for transporting wind turbines.

Hệ thống sà lan kèm cẩu trục hỗ trợ lắp đặt điện gió ngoài khơi

Barge systems are integrated with cranes to support offshore wind generation installation

Trungnam SMC’s outstanding advantages in transportation services

Possessing a remarkable capacity to transport oversized and overloaded goods, Trungnam SMC always strives and advocates its strengths in every single project it undertakes, notably energy and wind power projects. When using Trungnam SMC’s transportation service, clients and partners can be 100% assured of safety, quality and price. Our goal is to build client’s absolute trust with the following top criterias:

1. Exclusive, diversified, flexible, and modern means of transport

Trungnam SMC’s entire oversized vehicles are periodically inspected for safety and all equipped with a GPS tracking system to strictly supervise the journey, ensuring high speed and efficiency.

We are committed to ensuring that the transport vehicles strictly comply with the transporting super-heavy goods regulations issued by the Ministry of Transport, including:

  • Our vehicle systems are registered in line with the rules and have the authorization to transport super-heavy.
  • Transporting super-heavy vehicles are peculiarly designed to ensure appropriate size and loads for each particular type of goods. Especially, Trungnam SMC is fully capable of accommodating diversified super-heavy vehicles to handle customers’ cargo transportation.
  • The system of super-heavy transport vehicles is fully compliant with the provisions of the circulation permit.
Phương tiện vận chuyển độc quyền, đa dạng và hiện đại

Exclusive, diversified, flexible, and modern means of transport

2. Speedy and Responsive Delivery

Owning a wide variety of transporting oversized vehicles, Trungnam SMC undertakes North-South two-way transportation which meets all transportation requirements to any provinces across the country, including remote areas.

We are proactive and flexible regarding the shipping times and the schedule can be changed depending on the agreement between the delivery and receiving party, to ensure the goods arrive in a timely manner as customers request.

Thời gian vận chuyển ngắn

Expeditious Delivery

Trungnam SMC gives our client a thorough consultant on the most convenient routes which saves shipping and laboring costs and other arising fees. Thereby helping clients to make a better choices.

3. A rich-experienced, high qualified professional crane drives, and engineer crew

Trungnam SMC always sets rigorous selection requirements for technicians; Our skilled drivers and crane drivers crew are comprehensively trained and have a minimum of 3 years of road driving experience.

  • – Having good health and high concentration
  • – Excellent driving technique, rich-experienced in dealing with other vehicles on the road
  • – Well handled a variety of situations, including incidents while operating on long-distance road

4. Safety solution for multiple types of transportation

Safety is always the top priority for Trungnam SMC when it comes to transporting super-heavy goods. Therefore, from the team of well-trained and techniques drivers, crane drivers, and technicians to the means of transport, those are all modernly invested with peculiarly designed for transporting super-sized goods and registered in accordance with regulations.

Meanwhile, Trungnam SMC is also in charge of coordinating with all related agencies to map out the transport solutions for the oversized goods (survey the journey, transport time, delivery location, topographic where the goods are loaded and unloaded,…), assuring the safety of human, goods, transport vehicles.

Having the last 9 years of experience and successfully transported thousands of oversize and overweight cargoes, we’ve been bringing absolute satisfaction to our clients. Please contact Trungnam SMC promptly for thorough consulting on our transporting super-heavy services.


50 pcs
48 axes
Goldhofer THP hydraulic trailer
100 axes
Dolly Goldhofer
11 sets
Barge 14,049 tons
04 pcs
Barge 7.688 tons
02 pcs

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