Heavy transport equipment rental service

The rental service of super-heavy machinery and equipment is the most diverse in quantity, weight and scale in Vietnam

Trungnam SMC is the leading prestigious unit specializing in leasing heavy-duty machinery and equipment in Vietnam. Currently, we own a variety of equipment and machinery imported 100% from Japan, Korea, Germany… with international standards. We are equipped with cranes from 25 to 1,250 tons, which can be operated flexibly according to demand with the number of 21 units, accounting for 50% of specialized cranes in Vietnam.

The system of construction equipment and machinery at Trungnam SMC is applied a lot in large projects with national scale such as: Wind Power EaNam Dak Lak, Wind Power Dong Hai 1 – Tra Vinh, Wind Power No.5 Ninh Thuan,….

Trungnam SMC’s partners and customers are all leading names in the field of construction, such as: Trung Nam Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (Trungnam Group); Hoa Binh Construction Group Joint Stock Company; Construction Joint Stock Company No. 1; FAT Racing Foundation Joint Stock Company; Trung Chinh Trading and Construction Company Limited; An Phong Construction Company Limited,…

With a system of equipment and machinery for construction, energy, industrial and infrastructure projects of various types and loads, Trungnam SMC is committed to being a source of complete and the best quality equipment for every client’s project. These devices can be rented long term on a rough lease or leased with an operator depending on your needs.

Group of products and equipment for rent exclusively at Trungnam SMC

Trungnam SMC owns a system of nearly 400 different devices, serving for wind power, construction, industry and infrastructure projects nationwide. Customers and partners wishing to rent mechanical equipment and machinery at Trungnam SMC, please refer to the following list:

1. Crawler cranes (55T-1250T)

The crawler crane system includes the following loads:

  • – 55 tons crawler crane

Cẩu xích 55 tấn

  • – 130 tons crawler crane

Cẩu bánh xích 130 tấn

  • – 180 tons crawler crane

Cần trục bánh xích 180 tấn

  • – 750 tons crawler crane

Cần trục bánh xích 750 tấn

  • – 800 tons crawler crane

Cần trục bánh xích 800 tấn

  • – 1250 tons crawler crane

Cần trục bánh xích 1250 tấn

2. Mobile crane (25T-600T)

The wheel axle crane system is also divided into loads suitable for each different package. As follows:

  • – 25 tons mobile crane

Cần trục bánh lốp 25 tấn

  • – 50 tons mobile crane

Cần trục bánh lốp 50 tấn

  • – 80 tons mobile crane

Cần trục bánh lốp 80 tấn

  • – 130 tons mobile crane

Cần trục bánh lốp 130 tấn

  • – 220 tons mobile crane

Cần trục bánh lốp 220 tấn

  • –  600 tons mobile crane

Cần trục bánh lốp 600 tấn

3. Forklifts

The forklift system at Trungnam SMC includes:

  • – Spider leg crane

  • – 7 tons forklift

Xe nâng hàng 7 tấn

  • LIUGONG 5 tons forklift

Xe nâng hàng LIUGONG 5 tấn

  • – GENIE self-propelled scissor forklift

Xe nâng người tự hành cắt kéo GENIE

  • HAULOTTE 18.5 Z-BOOM forklift

Xe nâng người HAULOTTE 18.5 Z-BOOM

  • GENIE Z-62/40 self-propelled forklift

Xe nâng người tự hành GENIE Z-62/40

4. Tractors of all kinds

The tractor system includes specialized types with specific loads as follows:

  • – MAN 160 tons tractor

Đầu kéo MAN 160 tấn

  • – MAN 180 tons tractor

Đầu kéo MAN 180 tấn

  • – MAN 250 tons tractor

Đầu kéo MAN 250 tấn

  • KAMAZ 39 tons tractor

Đầu kéo KAMAZ 39 tấn

  • SHACMAN X3000 EURO 5 tractor

Đầu kéo SHACMAN X3000 EURO 5

5. Mooc- SPMT – Trailer

SPMT system with a total of 48 axes available; Maximum allowable load 48T/axle.

Hệ thống SPMT 48 trục

The DOLLY/BLADES system (Transport of Wings) consists of 2 parts Tractor and Dolly, with an average load of 25 – 40T, specialized for use in transporting wind blades.


THP Goldhofer hydraulic trailer system 4 and 6 axles; Maximum allowable load 45T/axle.

Hệ thống Rơ Mooc thủy lực THP Goldhofer

Common types of trailers from 3 to 10 axles with permissible tonnage from 32 tons to 120 tons.

Các loại Romooc thông dụng từ 3 đến 10 trục

6. Barge

Barge system type 7,688T, 14,049T and 12,995T equipped with crane 1250T, 250T and 55T.

Hệ thống sà lan loại 7.688T, 14.049T và 12.995T

Choosing Trungnam SMC, customers can rest assured that our fleet is the new and highest quality fleet. We are committed to periodic equipment maintenance programs, ensuring that the equipment system is always up to standards and of outstanding quality.

We always aim to become a service and solution provider of special-purpose machinery, equipment, materials, measures and transportation in the fields of construction, energy, infrastructure and civil. Surely in the near future, Trungnam SMC will continue to invest in products, improve quality and service, bring customers absolute satisfaction!


Total number of devices
400 devices
76 people
Office staff
46 people
Operation worker
723 people

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