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Trung Nam SMC was established in 2013, is a member of Trung Nam Group – one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in particular and is growing strongly on par with other Asian countries in the field of renewable energy. Possessing a team of qualified human resources, highly qualified engineers and a large amount of technical equipment, Trungnam SMC has been implementing large projects towards environmental, community and social benefits: such as: Solar power, wind power, tidal prevention, infrastructure, etc. If you are still thinking, then surely Trungnam SMC we will be your companion, to offer the best solutions for your business.


Trung Nam Southern Mechanical Corporation (Trungnam SMC) was founded on May 07th, 2013, as a member directly under Trungnam Group, working for the purpose of serving the implementing, constructing, and leasing of mechanical equipment and machineries for Trungnam Group projects; at the same time providing services to external partners and customers.
Following the market trend of strong development in the renewable energy field, Trungnam SMC has expanded the business scope in line with the market development trend. Trungnam SMC has invested heavily in modern specialized equipment and focused on training quality human resources to meet the needs of the market. Trungnam SMC was a contractor for transporting and installing the wind turbine of Trung Nam Wind Power Plant - Ninh Thuan.
Continuing the success of Trung Nam Wind Power Plant - Ninh Thuan, Trungnam SMC has strived to develop and affirm the position in the field of wind power construction. Receiving the trust of the Investor, Trungnam SMC continues to be the contractor for transportation, installation; completing the wind power projects on national and Southeast Asia scale, typically: Ea Nam Wind Power Plant - Dak Lak, Dong Hai 1 Wind Power Plant - Tra Vinh, Wind Power Plant No.5 - Ninh Thuan, etc.
Marking the explosive development of Trungnam SMC in the field of super-long and super-heavy transportation. Thanks the owning of a modernized and specialized transportation equipment system; and a team of foreign experts, experienced operation engineers, Trungnam SMC has proven their capacity through many projects: load-out an offshore jacket with a weight of 4,600MT; load-in the 700MT Goliath crane structure with a weight of 2,400MT; relocation of Jib cranes with a weight of 2,950MT; transport wind power equipment such as wind blade, nacelle, hub, generator, etc.


It is expected to become a pioneer enterprise in the field of industrial infrastructure construction, heavy lifting transportation with advanced technology, modern machineries, professional management, continuous and comprehensive innovation.


Providing the customers with absolute safety and reliability, improving material and spiritual life of officers and employees in the common house, Trungnam SMC, and contributing to building up an increasingly-prosperous country.

Core values

Solidarity - Honesty - Responsibility - Creation


Since its establishment until now, Trungnam SMC has been constantly growing and increasingly asserting itself as a reputable enterprise, focusing on the main field of leasing mechanical equipment and machineries for national-scale construction, building and projects.




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Sustainable Development

Trungnam SMC has constantly been increasing value to its customers, shareholders, the community, officers and employees and the company,
concurrently, providing services, construction equipment and machinery to assure of quality and prestige in Vietnamese market.

Steadfast, dedicated to bring sustainable value to partners, customers absolute satisfaction and trust.


In parallel with economic development, Trungnam SMC always attaches importance to environmental protection, ensuring the working and living environment is always Green - Clean - Beautiful.


One of the orientations for building and developing business activities, Trungnam SMC determines that the company's development must be associated with the community and society, along with the development of the locality - where Trungnam SMC operates. With practical actions, over the years, Trungnam SMC has joined hands to share with the community, considering it as the responsibility of businesses for the development of the country.


With the continuous economic development, Trungnam SMC has been a unit contributing significantly to the construction of an increasingly prosperous country.

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Trungnam SMC is specialized in transportation, construction and installation of wind power and heavy industrial equipment, factories, enterprises, all kinds of oversized and overweight equipment and machineries. Leasing equipment for wind power and construction, heavy industry: cranes from 25MT – 1,250MT, lifting vehicles, SPMT, Hydraulic trailer, trailers carrying wind turbine blades, forklifts, …

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Lễ ký kết hợp tác chiến lược giữa Trungnam SMC và Royal Cargo.
Thursday ,17/08/2023 5:03 pm
Trungnam SMC and Royal Cargo signing strategic cooperation agreement ceremony

In this morning, August 17th, 2023, at the representative office in Ho Chi Minh City, Trungnam SMC held the Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony with Royal Cargo Company on strategic cooperation for Lifting and Heavy cargo Transportation projects in the Philippines. Trungnam SMC and Royal Cargo signed a MOU with many important contents in optimal […]

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Monday ,07/08/2023 11:35 am
Trungnam SMC is honored to appear on Top IC Transport 50 in 2023

Trungnam SMC is honored to appear for the first time with the 49th position in the Top 50 of World’s Largest Specialized Transport Companies (IC Transport 50) ranking which was organized for the 19th time and published in International Cranes and Specialized Transport magazine – August 2023. Trungnam SMC is proud to be the second […]

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-	Sửa chữa cánh tuabin bằng phương pháp rope access tại Nhà máy Điện gió Hòa Bình 5 Bạc Liêu
Wednesday ,07/06/2023 1:54 pm
O&M wind turbines services

In recent years, with the explosive development of the renewable energy industry, many business opportunities have opened up for businesses. Especially, the global wind power continues to grow strongly, followed by the operation and maintenance services of wind power turbines (O&M turbines). By owning a system of modern specialized equipment and a team of experienced […]

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Friday ,02/06/2023 9:36 am
Join in the Gallaf 3 oil rig components load out

In March and May 2023, Trungnam SMC joined in the loading out oil rig components process with the jacket and topside weights up to 2.500 tons and 4.733 tons respectively at Gallaf 3 project in PTSC Vungtau port. For this Project Trungnam SMC was a strategic partner of Sarens, a multinational corporation. Trungnam SMC has […]

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Cung cấp dịch vụ thi công, vận chuyển cho các tổng thầu EPC điện gió
Friday ,12/05/2023 9:21 am
Construction and transportation services for wind power EPC contractor

In recent years, with the strong development of the renewable energy industry in general and wind power in particular, the demand for providing construction and installation services, transportation of over-size over-weight cargo, equipment and machinery supply for wind power projects is equally important and increasingly focused, Trungnam SMC is proud to be a unit specializing […]

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