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Friday ,02/06/2023 9:36 am
Join in the Gallaf 3 oil rig components load out

In March and May 2023, Trungnam SMC joined in the loading out oil rig components process with the jacket and topside weights up to 2.500 tons and 4.733 tons respectively at Gallaf 3 project in PTSC Vungtau port. For this Project Trungnam SMC was a strategic partner of Sarens, a multinational corporation. Trungnam SMC has […]

Monday ,08/08/2022 10:05 pm
Top 5 prestige super heavy transportation companies in Vietnam

Super-heavy goods are oversized – overweight goods and equipment. They’re inseparable in terms of transport. Goods classified in this list must be transported by specialized means of transport, specifically designed for transportation. There are plenty of businesses working in this field for the time being. Let’s have a look at Top 5 leading super-heavy goods […]

Trungnam SMC trực tiếp thi công dự án điện gió Ea Nam Đắk Lắk
Thursday ,23/06/2022 3:37 pm
Cranes for lease from 25 tons to 1250 tons

Trungnam SMC is a unit specializing in renting cranes from 25 tons up to 1250 tons.

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Wednesday ,13/07/2022 8:38 am
Combining, seafastening and lashing, weighing hundreds of tons of crane onto the barge

The transport of super-heavy equipment onto the barge is a highly technical job to ensure absolute safety and speed.

Wednesday ,06/07/2022 8:41 am
Shipping super-huge goods with a volume of up to 2,461 tons by SPMT equipment

On 04/07/2022, Trungnam SMC has cooperated with Roll Group to transport super-huge goods with a volume of up to 2,461 tons at Hyundai Vietnam shipyard.

Thay cánh quạt điện gió
Thursday ,23/06/2022 3:47 pm
Construction and installation of Phuong Mai wind power

June 2022 Trungnam SMC is replacing and repairing GE turbine blades for Phuong Mai wind power project. We used 130 tons wheel axle cranes and 800 tons crawler crane combinations.

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News Technology

Thursday ,23/06/2022 3:57 pm
Vehicles transporting wind power equipment

Currently, Trungnam SMC owns many specialized equipment, especially up to more than 400 devices of all kinds, many of which are used to transport special equipment components used in the field of wind power.

Thursday ,23/06/2022 3:04 pm
What is SPMT? Self-propelled machine with excellent transport capacity

SPMT is known for one of the world's latest technologies and its ability to transport super-long and super-heavy loads with high precision and safety.

Tuesday ,21/06/2022 6:28 pm
What is super-long and super-heavy product?

Super-long and super-heavy are equipment, machine or monolithic packages with dimensions or weight exceeding the regulated levels for circulation and transportation as regulated by the Ministry of Transport. And they cannot be disassembled or broken down when stacked on top means of transport of goods.

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