In March and May 2023, Trungnam SMC joined in the loading out oil rig components process with the jacket and topside weights up to 2.500 tons and 4.733 tons respectively at Gallaf 3 project in PTSC Vungtau port.

For this Project Trungnam SMC was a strategic partner of Sarens, a multinational corporation. Trungnam SMC has accompanied Sarens in many super-sized, super-weight cargo load in, load out projects making Trungnam SMC a trusted partner being chosen by Sarens to cooperate in this loading out project.

Load out chân đế giàn khoan có trọng lượng 2.500 tấn.

In this assignment, the components with giant dimensions and huge weights have to be moved from the manufacture yard to the wharf and mounted on the transport barge, the end client PTSC has chosen the solution of using specialized equipment SPMT to load out the components.

Specifically for this project, with the characteristics of transporting 2 different types of components with different volumes, the number of equipment to be mobilized was calculated to be most suitable for each type of component.

For the 2,500 tons component, Sarens have calculated and issued a plan of using a total of 96 SPMT axles and 8 PPUs of Scheuerle brand, including 48 axles and 2 PPUs from Trungnam SMC combined with 48 axles and 6 PPUs from Sarens to implement this load out project.

In particular, with the super-sized and massive components of up to 4,733 tons, it is necessary to mobilize up to 216 SPMT axles and 9 PPUs to execute the load out process. This can be considered as one of the projects that has the most number of SPMT axles mobilized to participate in one transportation in Vietnam up to the present time.

By combining with our client Sarens and our TNSMC Equipment, the project was completed successfully on time without any incidents.

Typical projects of transporting super-sized, super-weight cargos by SPMT that Trungnam SMC has participated: loading-out oil rig jacket components with weight up to 4,231 tons project in PTSC Vung Tau port, loading-in Goliath crane with 2,461 tons weight project in the shipyards of Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding; site moving, relocating positions of Jib Crane 350T & Jib crane 250T with weight up to 2.950 tons and 1,750 tons respectively in Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding…