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Monday ,08/08/2022 10:05 pm
Top 5 prestige super heavy transportation companies in Vietnam

Super-heavy goods are oversized – overweight goods and equipment. They’re inseparable in terms of transport. Goods classified in this list must be transported by specialized means of transport, specifically designed for transportation. There are plenty of businesses working in this field for the time being. Let’s have a look at Top 5 leading super-heavy goods […]

Trungnam SMC trực tiếp thi công dự án điện gió Ea Nam Đắk Lắk
Thursday ,23/06/2022 3:37 pm
Cranes for lease from 25 tons to 1250 tons

Trungnam SMC is a unit specializing in renting cranes from 25 tons up to 1250 tons.

Một góc chụp Nhà máy Điện gió ngoài khơi Đông Hải 1 – Trà Vinh
Monday ,04/04/2022 8:17 pm
Overcoming difficulties “plugging” offshore wind power turbine with Trungnam SMC

With a successful opening shot on the "journey across the sea", Trungnam SMC demonstrated OFFSHORE WIND POWER CONSTRUCTION CAPACITY when participating in direct installation work, in the Dong Hai 1 - Tra Vinh wind power project.

Trungnam SMC trực tiếp tham gia vào quá trình thi công, lắp đặt các dự án điện gió
Wednesday ,23/03/2022 8:59 am
“Fast construction, finish on time”

After a challenging 240 days and nights, the EaNam Dak Lak 1 wind power project was completed and officially put into commercial operation on October 31, 2021.