Super-heavy goods are oversized – overweight goods and equipment. They’re inseparable in terms of transport. Goods classified in this list must be transported by specialized means of transport, specifically designed for transportation.

There are plenty of businesses working in this field for the time being. Let’s have a look at Top 5 leading super-heavy goods carriers in Vietnam:

1. Trungnam SMC – The super-heavy transport firm owns the most up-to-date equipment

Trung Nam Southern Mechanical Corporation – Trungnam SMC, is the most prestigious super-heavy cargo transport firm for the meantime. The company has a team of extensively experienced professionals and possesses diverse and modern equipment.

Trung Nam SMC’s super-heavy transport vehicles are particularly used for transporting oversized, special equipment such as Wind power equipment, Heavy Duty Industrial Equipment, and Mechanical Configuration of the Oil and Gas industry…which fully meet the demand for sea and land transportation. Including:

  • 100 Goldhofer Hydraulic Trailer Axles
  • 48 Scheuerle Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT)
  • 11 “Goldhofer Blade S” Wind Blade Trailer
  • 22 62m Extendable Trailer For Wind Blade Transportation
  • 10 Hydraulic Trailer axles and other standard trailers
  • High Load Tractor system: MAN 160-250MT, KAMAZ, SHACMAN…
  • 4 installation barges with a tonnage of up to 14,000MT combined with a 1,250MT crane


Particularly, Trung Nam SMC is the very first company in Viet Nam to own up-to-date SPMT Scheuerle equipment specialized for loading in and out overweight cargo at ports, factories, and projects…


Load-out the Offshore Jacket with a total volume of 4,231.5 tons by SPMT at PTSC M&C Vung Tau.

Moreover, Trung Nam SMC focuses on developing rich-experienced, enthusiastic, qualified professional human resources to operate high-level requirements modern equipment. Providing a variety of up-to-date knowledge training courses for employees to ensure absolute safety and professionalism with high accuracy.

Trung Nam SMC is the top choice in the field of super-heavy transportation in Vietnam owing to its professional working process and the ability to transport oversized and overweight goods which enable the firm to fulfill the majority of transportation demands in Viet Nam.

2. Vietranstimex – Multimodal super-heavy transport company

Vietranstimex specializes in providing multimodal transportation services, loading-unloading, and transporting a wide range of goods, super-heavy equipment, project goods, and complete equipment.

Vietranstimex currently owns and manages a large number of modern machinery and equipment from conventional tractors and semi-trailers to special tractors, configurations of self-propelled trailers (SPMT), hydraulic trailer modules, self-propelled trailers, and specialized cranes.

With vast experience in carrying diversified super-heavy goods, Vietranstimex is a reputable brand in Viet Nam.


3. Lienminh LMT – Provide special transportation solutions.

Lienminh LMT thrives strongly in the field of providing cross-border Lao, Viet Nam, and Cambodia all-in-one logistics solutions.

Having a long-term vision in the heavy transport industry in Viet Nam, Lienminh LMT has been investing equipment and personnel according to Europe standards served for strict, safe, and operate in wind power projects / Heavy Duty Industry.

4. Vietnam Global Transportation – Extensive experiences in the field of transportation, and logistics.

Vietnam Global Transport Joint Stock Company (referred to as VGT) was established in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City in 2015 by experienced members in the field of transportation and logistics.

Owning a variety of specialized transport equipment for super-heavy loads transportation such as tractors, multi-axle hydraulic trailers, extended trailers for transporting extra-long loads, barges, etc. to meet the transportation needs.


5. Nam Dat – Provide transportation services and types of transportation.

Nam Dat Limited Company is an enterprise specializing in providing transportation types and services, international transportation services, super-heavy equipment and project goods transportation.

The company’s field of activities is transportation and transportation services by all domestic and foreign means of transport, customs declaration….