Construction & Installation services for Wind Power Projects

Trungnam SMC is engaged in wind power transport, construction, and installation. Under the motto “One Destination”, we invested in forklifts, transport, and installation barges, and other transport vehicles which are specifically designed for the wind industry, handling all tasks from receipt of goods at the port to set-up and assembly on site.

Professional construction and installation services for energy, industrial, and infrastructure projects

Since its establishment in 2013, Trungnam SMC has continued to grow, and perpetually affirms its position in national-scale projects. Associate with its ability to transport super heavy cargo, Trungnam SMC boldly participates in wind power projects with a direct role in construction and installation.

Trungnam SMC directly involved in the construction and installation of wind power projects

Trungnam SMC directly involved in the construction and installation of wind power projects

The entire Trungnam SMC crew joins hands and actively invests in energy, industrial and infrastructure projects. All construction and installation works are thoroughly inspected according to the process from transportation to installation to ensure the safety and efficiency of the project.

Having the potential of specialized transportation equipment and professional construction technology, Trungnam SMC can successfully handle all tasks from port receiving to on-site installation.

The equipment installation at site was done by Trungnam SMC team

The equipment installation at site was done by Trungnam SMC team

Trungnam SMC crew is always ready to provide the highest level of assistance and support for as long as valued clients and business partners are in need of transportation or construction.

Speedy construction and the success of a national-scale wind power project

2021 is considered a race to invest in onshore and offshore renewable energy in Vietnam. Trungnam SMC has made a significant contribution to the success of two projects in particular: The Onshore Ea Nam 1 Wind Power – Đak Lak and Dong Hai 1 Offshore Wind Power – Tra Vinh.

1. The largest Onshore Wind Power Factory Project – EaNam Đak Lak 1

The Ea Nam Wind Power Factory is located on an area of ​​600 hectares of land spread out in 3 communes Ea Nam, Ea Khal and Dlie Yang, Ea H’leo district, Dak Lak province, which has a design capacity of 400 MW, with a scale of 84 wind towers, combined with a system of 1.2 km of 500 kV transmission lines.

A photograph of The Ea Nam 1 Đak Lak Wind Power factory when officially operated

A photograph of The Ea Nam 1 Đak Lak Wind Power factory when officially operated

It is known that this project has a total investment of nearly 16,500 billion VND, with an estimated electricity output of 1.1 billion kWh/year. Up to now, this is the key wind power project of Dak Lak province. Paving a way for the Central Highland’s “light source” and this is as well the largest onshore wind power project in Vietnam.

The Ea Nam Wind Power factory project officially commenced on June 2, 2021, amidst the raging Covid-19 pandemic. After a 240-day and night journey filled with hardships and challenges, the project was completed to the surprise of many people. It was officially operated commercially by Oct 31, 2021. With that being said, Trungnam went one step further to prove its competence and high concentration to get the project finished as planned.

  • Directly transporting and speedily installing 84 wind turbine towers, each of which is 131-meter-tall and made up of six sections, by using 20 cranes ranging from 750 MT to 1,250 MT.

The construction of the wind turbine was done by Trungnam SMC crew

The installation of the wind turbine tower was done by Trungnam SMC crew

2. Dong Hai 1 – Tra Vinh Off-shore Wind Power Project

This project is the commencement of the “sea voyage” which is a convincing evidence of Trungnam Group’s construction competency.

Một góc chụp Nhà máy Điện gió ngoài khơi Đông Hải 1 – Trà Vinh

 A shot of Dong Hai 1 – Tra Vinh Off-shore Wind Power factory

“Dong Hai 1” had a total investment of nearly 5.000 billions VND. The project was developed at the V1-7 sea location, Dong Hai commune, Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh province, with a capacity of 100 MW. Including 25 wind towers and 4MW/each.

When being put into operation, Dong Hai 1 – Tra Vinh Off-shore Wind Power Factory will annually supplement around 330 million kWh of green energy, contributing to diversifying energy sources and gradually approaching the ability to balance with fossil energy, minimizing Carbon gas emissions.

It’s safe to say that, although on-land construction possesses multiple challenges, offshore construction is even more challenging when the installation depends heavily on weather conditions (the wind above and the sea under). Additionally, the construction equipment must also withstand the corrosion of sea salt.

However, owing to the competence and enthusiasm of the entire Trungnam SMC crew, the Dong Hai 1 – Tra Vinh Wind Power project was able to finish at the time expected, ensuring the operation period.

Nhà máy Điện gió ngoài khơi Đông Hải 1 được đưa vào vận hành chính thức ngày  16/1/2022

Dong Hai 1 Offshore Wind Power factory was officially put into operation on January 16, 2022

During project implementation, Trungnam SMC was actively involved in the coastal wind turbine towers installation by using 3 installation barges incorporated with crawler cranes 1250MT, barges’ capacity up to 14.000MT. Trungnam SMC’s services included transport from the port to the installation site.

Vận chuyển tuabin gió, cánh quạt gió từ bờ ra ngoài khơi

Wind turbines and wind blade transportation from land to offshore

Construction the wind turbine towers for Dong Hai 1 – Tra Vinh project

Trungnam SMC installed wind turbine towers for Dong Hai 1 – Tra Vinh project

Lắp đặt trụ gió

 Wind turbine towers installation

Trungnam SMC’s vision regarding energy – wind power construction and installation projects

Vietnam is one of the leading Southeast Asian nations with abundant wind resources, with the aim of producing electricity from wind energy up to 11.8 GW by 2030.

Domestic energy demand is increasing sharply by 9-10% per year. Viet Nam has been enacting various regulations to facilitate the development of renewable energy projects which meets the clean energy demand and contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the future.

This indicates that Viet Nam is in need of a considerable amount of businesses operating in the construct & install energy and heavy-duty industry field, to actualize the renewable energy projects across the country.

Trungnam SMC took its pride in being an indispensable part of any wind power construction and installation projects with scale diversification. Particularly, the 2 latest onshore and offshore wind power projects which have just been augurated in 2021.

Through numerous projects, Trungnam SMC gradually affirms its most vital strategic partner position, providing onshore & offshore wind power projects with adequate solutions.

Having the objective of sustainable development, Trungnam SMC perpetually invests in the machinery, enhancing both quality and services. We’re committed to bring absolute satisfaction to our valued customers when using Trungnam SMC’s equipment, transportation, wind power construction, and installation rental services. Please contact us via hotline 0856 48 58 68, our well-experienced consultant crew guarantees to deliver the most optimal solutions for your business.