Super-heavy transport vehicle leasing services

Possessing the latest construction equipment and advanced construction methods, Trungnam SMC becomes specialized machinery and transport vehicle firm leasing . Serving the construction, energy, and heavy industries along with providing the most reliable wind power construction solutions in Vietnam. We have presented at multiple large projects that spread out to many provinces across the country to provide our business partners with fully met requirements services.

The most scaling business in Viet Nam majors in leasing transport vehicle services with diversified quantity and capacity

Trungnam SMC is the leading trustworthy firm that specified in super-heavy machinery and transport vehicle leasing  in Vietnam. Currently, we own a diversification of equipment and machinery imported 100% from Japan, Korea, and Germany,… that follows international standards. We are equipped with 21 cranes from 25 to 1,250 M, which can be operated flexibly as requested. Our cranes account for 50% of specialized cranes in Vietnam.

Especially, Trungnam SMC is a unique company in Viet Nam that owns 100% brand new and most ultramodern Scheuerle Self-propelled Modular Transporter in Asia, with a total available axle of 48 axles, the loads capacity of 45MT/axle. Accompanied by 4 barges system with the capacity of 14.000MT, 109m in length which served for transportation and wind power installation. Those are also the largest barge systems up to now in Viet Nam.

Trungnam SMC’s equipment and machinery system has been used in numerous large and regional-scale projects such as EaNam Đăk Lăk Wind Power, Dong Hai 1 Wind Power – Tra Vinh, Wind Power No.5 – Ninh Thuan, etc.

Trungnam SMC’s partners and customers are all leading businesses in the construction field, such as Trung Nam Construction Investment JSC (Trungnam Group); Hoa Binh Construction Group JSC; Construction JSC No1; Dua Fat Group JSC; Trung Chinh Trading and Construction Ltd.; An Phong Construction Ltd.,…

Group of items and transport vehicles leased exclusively at Trungnam SMC

Trungnam SMC possesses a system of nearly 400 different equipment served for national-scale wind power, construction, and industrial infrastructure projects. If valued customers and business partners are interested in chartering equipment and transport vehicles, please refer to the following list:

1. Crawler crane (55MT – 1250MT)

Our crawler crane system includes the following capacity:

  • Crawler crane 55 MT

Cẩu xích 55 tấn

  • Crawler crane 130 MT

Cẩu bánh xích 130 tấn

  • Crawler crane 180 MT

Cần trục bánh xích 180 tấn

  • Crawler crane 750 MT

Cần trục bánh xích 750 tấn

  • Crawler crane 800 MT

Cần trục bánh xích 800 tấn

  • Crawler crane 1250 MT

Cần trục bánh xích 1250 tấn

The assembly process of a 1250MT crawler crane.

2. Mobile Crane (25MT – 600MT)

The mobile crane systems with diversified loads can be used for different types of cargoes. As follow:

  • Mobile Crane 25 MT

Cần trục bánh lốp 25 tấn

  • Mobile Crane 50 MT
Cần trục bánh lốp 50 tấn
  • Mobile Crane 80 MT
Cần trục bánh lốp 80 tấn
  • Mobile Crane 130 MT

Cần trục bánh lốp 130 tấn

  • Mobile Crane 220 MT

Cần trục bánh lốp 220 tấn

  • Mobile Crane 600 MT

Cần trục bánh lốp 600 tấn

3. Forklift

Trungnam SMC’s forklift system comprises:

  • Forklift 5 MT

Xe nâng hàng 5 tấn

  • Forklift 7 MT

Xe nâng hàng 7 tấn

  • LIUGONG Forklift 5 MT

Xe nâng hàng LIUGONG 5 tấn

  • GENIE Scissor Lift

Xe nâng người tự hành cắt kéo GENIE


Xe nâng người HAULOTTE 18.5 Z-BOOM

  • GENIE Z-62/40 Articulated Boom Lift
Xe nâng người tự hành GENIE Z-62/40

4. Tractors

Specialized tractors with capacity as follow:

  • MAN Tractor 160 MT

Đầu kéo MAN 160 tấn

  • MAN Tractor 180 MT

Đầu kéo MAN 180 tấn

  • MAN Tractor 250 MT

Đầu kéo MAN 250 tấn

  • KAMAZ Tractor 39 MT

Đầu kéo KAMAZ 39 tấn

  • SHACMAN X3000 EURO 5 Tractor Head

Đầu kéo SHACMAN X3000 EURO 5

5. Mooc- SPMT – Trailer

  • SPMT system: total available axles of 48 axles, maximum load capacity 48MT/axle.

Hệ thống SPMT 48 trục


  • THP trailer Goldhofer – 04 – 06 axles system: the maximum permissible load of 45MT/axle.
Hệ thống Rơ Mooc thủy lực THP Goldhofer
  • Wide range of trailer from 03 – 10 axles, with permissible loads from 32 MT – 120 MT.
Các loại Romooc thông dụng từ 3 đến 10 trục

6. Barge

Barge system type 7,688T, 14,049T and 12,995T with 1250MT, 250MT and 55MT cranes.

Hệ thống sà lan loại 7.688T, 14.049T và 12.995T

Trungnam SMC’s leasing super-heavy machinery and equipment policies

Having a variety of types and loads of equipment and machinery for construction, energy, and industrial infrastructure projects system, Trungnam SMC pledged to be a complete and best-quality equipment provider for every client’s project. These devices can be long-term rented or equipment rented solely or leased with an operator at your request.

By choosing Trungnam SMC, valued customers can fully rest assured that our transport vehicles are the newest and best-qualified fleet. We’re committed to periodically maintaining equipment, to ensure the assets are always up to the standards with excellent quality.

Especially, as a member of Trungnam Group, we’re proud to inherit the ability to deploy major national projects as well as have strong financial and equipment support. Simultaneously, Trungnam SMC gathered a crew of skilled technicians with extensive experience in all fields. We always know how to implement research into practice through numerous works and projects. Roughly all Trungnam SMC’s modern machinery and equipment meet the high requirement to be operated at the construction site.

Hopefully, with the convictions and achievements that Trungnam SMC has established for the last 9 years will be the most convincing evidence for our valued customers and business partners who have trusted and used Trungnam SMC’s services. We constantly strive for becoming a service and solution provider regarding machinery, equipment, materials, solution, and specialized transportation within the construction, energy, infrastructure, and civil engineering field. Undoubtedly in the near future, Trungnam SMC will continuously invest in the product, enhancing quality and services, which brings absolute satisfaction to our valued customers.