SPMT is known for one of the world’s latest technologies and its ability to transport super-long and super-heavy loads with high precision and safety. To learn more about this “supernatural machine”, let’s find out with Trungnam SMC through the article below.

What is SPMT?

SPMT with full name Self-propelled Modular Transporter, is a special type of transport equipment with dozens of independently operating axes and main steering system controlled by computer. It is developed from hydraulic modular trailers, providing technical logistics solutions for the total transportation of super-large, super-long and oversized cargoes that are not easy to lift and transport.

Currently, SPMT is used in many different industries such as construction, road and bridge, shipbuilding, clean energy (wind power), oil and gas, etc. This is a new generation of transport equipment with technology most modern today.

SPMT – The world’s largest self-propelled machine

Main structural features of SPMT

SPMT has specifications including 2, 3, 4 or 6 axis types, of which the most popular are 4 and 6 axis types with standard size designs of 2.43m wide and 5.6m long for 4-axis type and 8.4m for 6-axis type. The lowest height of the device is 1.15m and can be adjusted to raise the floor by 0.7m using the integrated hydraulic cylinder system.

The main structure of an SPMT consists of a power steering unit (PPU) and a hydraulic trailer with a drive shaft. The PPU is the SPMT’s power source and is a standalone module that can combine multiple axes to create large configurations. In general, the PPU is the part located at the front of the SPMT, providing power and control for the SPMT to operate.

Power steering head (PPU) of SPMT

The transmission hydraulic trailer is the main body directly carrying out the transport of goods with the main structure of the axle frame, suspension system, steering system, hydraulic system, brake system, power steering system, control systems and other devices. This is the main load-bearing part of the SPMT.

Hydraulic trailer with drive shaft.

Outstanding advantages of SPMT

With special structural features, SPMT possesses the most outstanding advantages in the ranks of transportation equipment currently on the market.

1. Flexible transport capacity

The biggest advantage of SPMT is its flexible transportability with the ease of combining multiple SPMT units together to form a complete large machine like train carriages. Therefore, SPMT is capable of transporting goods with super-heavy dimensions, such as assembled bridge bodies, super-large cranes, or even the base of a 4,200 tons oil and gas rig.

Load-out the base of the 4,200 tons oil and gas rig with SPMT.

2. Ensure safety and limit incidents

By using hydraulic cylinders to lift and lower the floor vertically, it makes transporting goods easier. Besides, it is also equipped with the most advanced balancing system to help minimize problems during transportation, ensure goods are transported safely and avoid damage.

SPMT shaft system.

3. Efficient transportation

In particular, SPMT’s wheel system has the ability to work independently, designed to rotate 260 degrees so that they can move in many different directions with just a quick push of a button to activate functions different drivers. This is a feature that helps SPMT to transport goods easily on many different terrains and in tight spaces.

The precision steering is computer controlled.

Scheuerle SPMT – The world’s most modern transportation equipment at Trungnam SMC

SPMT equipment currently owned by Trungnam SMC is manufactured by Scheuerle company of TII group of the Federal Republic of Germany. Trungnam SMC is currently the first enterprise in Vietnam to own this premium SPMT brand.

Currently, Trungnam SMC owns 8 latest SPMT equipment with 6-axis structure, with a capacity of 48 tons/axle, this is the current largest load for each axis of SPMT.

Trungnam SMC’s SPMT team is professionally trained with extensive experience in transporting super-long and super-heavy goods.

Some projects Trungnam SMC has implemented can be mentioned as:

  • – Relocating SCC 800T and 1200T cranes between wind power poles to serve installation at wind power projects.
  • – Successfully load-out the base structure of the 4,200 tons oil and gas rig at PTSC Vung Tau port.

Trungnam SMC is one of the leading units in providing transportation services of super-long and super-heavy goods in Vietnam. With more than 9 years of experience in the field, we are proud to be the reliable choice of customers and partners across the country. Trungnam SMC is always equipped with a full system of equipment, machinery and vehicles for transporting overloaded goods with a team of experienced and professional engineers, drivers, and crane drivers, to support the needs of customers to the maximum goods, committed to providing safe solutions for all types of transportation.