On 04/07/2022, Trungnam SMC has cooperated with Roll Group to transport super-huge goods with a volume of up to 2,461 tons by SMPT equipment at Hyundai Vietnam shipyard.

With the huge size and weight of the super-huge goods, it requires absolutely high Technical and Safety requirements during transportation, therefore, Trungnam SMC has mobilized experienced personnel and the most modern specialized equipment to participate in this load-in project.

Thiết bị spmt của Trungnam SMC

Trungnam SMC used SPMT equipment to transport packages



The SPMT (self-propelled modular transport) equipment was put into use in the process of transporting goods from the ship onto the wharf then to the final installation position. Trungnam SMC used 48 SPMT Scheuerle axles in combination with Roll Group’s SPMT 48 in total 96 axles and 7PPU where utilized. The work was carried out extremely carefully and thoroughly in each operation to ensure absolute safety.


Packages of great length and weight


Safety factor for both personnel and goods is a top priority and is calculated to every detail before implementation. With modern equipment and a team of skilled and experienced engineers, Trungnam SMC has cooperated with Roll Group to complete the job safely and on schedule.


SPMT is linked together to transport packages

Trungnam SMC is one of the leading companies in providing solutions for transporting super-heavy goods according to specific characteristics for each project, ensuring safety, on schedule and cost savings, is a trusted partner for customers. TNSMC is committed to making our projects successful no matter how big or small, this project is another milestone on our track record adding to projects Trungnam SMC participated in such as transportation and load out of a 4,200-ton oil and gas Jacket at PTSC Vung Tau port, transporting wind turbine equipment, transformers, etc. in 2022.  TNSMC is committed to becoming the No 1 Transport and Heavylift Trusted partner in Vietnam.

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