The project of direct connection to the national grid system supplying voltage of 220kV through a 220kV transmission line with a length of 1,502 km connecting from the 220kV substation of Wind Power factory No. 5 to the 220kV Ninh Phuoc substation.
Substation with 01 3-phase transformer with capacity of 50MVA.

Wind Power Project No. 5 – Ninh Thuan


Close-up of wind power pylon at the project

Mission of Trungnam SMC

Transport and install wind turbines using 3 800 tons crawler cranes, 3 180 tons crawler cranes, 1 220 tons mobile crane and 6 130 tons mobile cranes.

Transport blades of wind turbine by specialized MAN tractor.


Install the blades of wind turbine with a crawler crane.


Phuoc Huu Commune, Ninh Phuoc District, Ninh Thuan Province.
46.2 MW
Number of wind towers
11 turbine
Expected production output
136.281 MWh/year

Relevant experience

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