Super-long and super-heavy transportation

About the device

With the mentality of the latter, we always have to try harder to shorten the distance and integrate.

In the year 2020 – 2021, Trungnam SMC has been invested by the parent company Trungnam Group with a huge amount of equipment including:

Hệ thống rơ mooc chuyên dụng 1

 Hydraulic trailer


MAN tractors, 6-axle and 10-axle trailers, trailers specialized for carrying blades of wind turbine.



Sản phẩm SPMT Trungnam SMC

Special equipment SPMT of Trungnam SMC

Mission of Trungnam SMC

Most of our equipment comes from Germany and is manufactured by the world’s leading equipment manufacturers such as: Goldhofer, Scheuerle (Kamag), MAN,…


At Trungnam SMC, we not only invest in equipment but also invest in people with a team of experts in managing and operating equipment with many years of experience from countries around the world, as well as combining personnel management training and operation from equipment suppliers.




Experiencing the process of participating in transporting a variety of super-heavy goods, from key projects of Trungnam Group with hundreds of components such as:


Wind power pylons


Wind turbine blades, generators, transformer stations…


All vehicles and personnel of Trungnam SMC have gone through many difficult roads and obstacles, overcome many different types of terrain to complete tasks and meet the factory’s schedule.



Trungnam SMC we always have solutions for all types of goods on all roads with the following criteria: Safety, speed, responsibility.



Please contact us immediately for advice on the best solution.

Hotline : 0856.48.58.68 – 0981771111

? Our solution – Your Achievement.


Relevant experience

Bộ đôi sà lan 14.000 tấn tham gia thay cánh dự án điện gió Đông Hải 1 - Trà Vinh
Replacing wind turbine blades at Dong Hai 1 – Tra Vinh project
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Thay cánh quạt điện gió
Thay thế và sửa chữa cánh quạt điện gió dự án điện gió Phương Mai – Bình Định
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Thay cánh quạt điện gió
Replacement of wind turbine blades at Phuong Mai – Binh Dinh wind power project
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Load out the Gallaf 3 oil rig components at PTSC Vung Tau port
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Transporting Enercon E160 wind turbine blades from Ba Son port to Dak Lak
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