Transporting Enercon E160 wind turbine blades from Ba Son port to Dak Lak


The project of transporting wind power blade of the Ea Nam – Dak Lak wind power project with the number of 12 blades, the length of up to 80m and the weight of 24 MT.

The distance of transporting wind turbine blades from Ba Son port to Dak Lak is nearly 500km, winding roads, dangerous corners, the residential populated areas…

Transshipment of propellers from the wharf to the consolidating depot.

The convoy passed through the winding pass area.

Trung Nam SMC's mission

Trungnam SMC has mobilized specialized equipment to transport wind power blade, including a combination of MAN 180 MT tractors and trailers 62m to carry out transshipment and transportation of Enercon E160 wind blades.

To ensure the safety and the most favorable transportation, before carrying out the transportation, Trungnam SMC’s engineers had to carefully survey the road; make the most optimal survey and transportation plan; clear or adjust obstacles on the road so that the convoy does not encounter problems…

Due to the characteristics of the Enercon E160 wind blade, which is a super-heavy product, in order to transport and circulate these devices on the road, Trungnam SMC has received the permission of the Directorate of Roads, the Department of Transport provinces and the support of the traffic police to join the delegation.

The convoy passed through the intersection with the assistance of traffic police.

Trailer transported wind blade go through a narrow bend at bridge 38 – Binh Phuoc province.


24 MT
MAN 180 MT tractor combined with 62m trailer

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