Super-long and super-heavy are equipment, machine or monolithic packages with dimensions or weight exceeding the regulated levels for circulation and transportation as regulated by the Ministry of Transport. And they cannot be disassembled or broken down when stacked on top means of transport of goods.


1. Regulations on dimensions, weight

Super-long and super-heavy goods have the following dimensions and weights:

  • – The length of the goods is over 15m.
  • – The width of the goods over 3m.
  • – The height of the goods is over 3m.
  • – Tonnage exceeding 45 tons.

The transportation of super-long and super-heavy goods must ensure absolute safety from lifting to transportation, all types of super-long and super-heavy cargo trucks must be registered at the specified time and have a license to carry super-long and super-heavy licensed by the Ministry of Transport, has a carrying capacity and dimension suitable for each type of goods.

2. The goods are usually classified as super-long and super-heavy

  • – Industrial equipment, import and export machinery, iron and steel structures, power plant propeller turbines, transformers.
  • – Industrial tanks, boilers, combustion chambers, batching silos, crane girders, stone crushers, stone mills, corrugated iron mills.
  • – Mechanical machinery such as: excavators, road rollers, wheel loaders, barges, bulldozers, crane trucks, piling machines, robots, tower cranes.
  • – Steel coils, steel beams, steel plates, prefabricated house frames, factory frames.
  • – Concrete structure, steel structure, overpass girder, open top container, Flat Rack container,…

Transporting blade of wind power with a length of 80m



To transport super-long and super-heavy items, a specialized vehicle is needed to carry oversized and overloaded items. So how can the car carry these terrible goods? Super-long and super-heavy goods trucks are vehicles that are specifically designed to carry items with a length of over 15m, a width of over 2.5m, a height of more than 3m and a cargo tonnage of 45 tons or more and circulation license.

Quá trình vận chuyển siêu trường siêu trọng của Trungnam SMC đến địa điểm thi công dự án

The process of transporting the super-long and super-heavy of Trungnam SMC to the project construction site.

Trungnam SMC is currently at the parking lot with a stable number of super-long and super-heavy goods trucks, including the following device:

  • – 100 axles Goldhofer THP hydraulic trailer.
  • – 48 axles SPMT Scheuerle (the new generation SPMT of Trungnam SMC is the newest product in Vietnam and allows to carry a load of up to 1,600 tons).
  • – Tractor systems of all kinds.
  • – 11 specialized Goldhofer trailers carrying wind turbine blades.
  • – 4 barge systems 14,000 tons, 109m long (the largest barge system in Vietnam).
  • – More than 50 expansion trailers and many other supporting equipment.
  • – All these super-long and super-heavy goods trucks are licensed to carry extra-heavy goods and are registered in accordance with regulations.

We are always committed and confident to affirm the best goods service for customers across the country. In addition to transporting super-long and super-heavy goods on the road, our company also transports by water to pull super-long and super-heavy items that cannot be transported by road.

Transporting the wind turbine blades by barge T04 7,688T

Currently, Trungnam SMC owns a barge system with a variety of payloads: 12,995 tons, 14,049 tons, 7,688 tons for the transportation and installation of wind power. In which, barges 12,995T and 14,049T are integrated with cranes to support offshore wind power installation, especially 7,688T barges are used to transport wind power poles.


Possessing an outstanding capacity to transport super-long and super-heavy goods, Trungnam SMC always tries to make efforts and promote this strength in each project it undertakes, especially energy and wind power projects. When using the super-long and super-heavy transport service at Trungnam SMC, customers and partners can be 100% assured of safety, quality as well as price. We operate with the goal of building absolute trust in customers.

1. Exclusive, diversified, flexible and modern means of transport

Trungnam SMC currently owns a variety of equipment for transporting super-long and super-heavy goods, including on road and by sea, to meet all the freight needs of customers. All oversized and overweight vehicles of Trungnam SMC are periodically inspected for safety and equipped with a GPS tracking system to manage the journey closely, ensuring progress, the fastest and the best. The super-long and super-heavy goods truck is specially designed, ensuring the size and load is suitable for each type of super-long and super-heavy goods. The system of super-long and super-heavy goods vehicles has a license to carry super-long and super-heavy goods and is registered in accordance with the prescribed period. In particular, Trungnam SMC is the first unit in Vietnam equipped with the SPMT Scheuerle system – the most modern self-propelled transport equipment in the world today. Meet all transportation requirements on a variety of terrains and tight transport spaces.

SPMT transports 1,250 tons crawler crane at Ea Nam Dak Lak wind power project


2. Short, fast and flexible transporting time

We can be proactive and flexible in terms of shipping time, the schedule can be changed depending on the agreement of the delivery party and the receiver, ensuring the goods arrive on time, on time and at the request of the customer and client. Trungnam SMC – A professional shipping company for oversized and overweight goods will advise customers on the most convenient transportation routes, helping to save transportation costs, labor costs and many other arising fees so that suitable for customers to choose easily.


3. Team of experienced and highly qualified engineers, drivers and crane drivers

Trungnam SMC always sets strict selection requirements for technicians; Team of drivers, skilled crane drivers are professionally trained and have at least 3 years of road driving experience.

  • – The driver is in good health, always highly focused.
  • – Good driving technique, rich experience in handling when driving vehicles in traffic.
  • – Good handling of unexpected situations and incidents when driving on the road.

4. Safe solutions for all types of transportation

Safety is always the top priority for Trungnam SMC when transporting super-long and super-heavy goods. Therefore, from the team of drivers, crane drivers, technicians who are well-trained in expertise and techniques to the means of transport, all are modernly invested with specialized designs for transporting super-long and super heavy goods and registered in accordance with regulations. At the same time, Trungnam SMC also presides over coordination with relevant agencies to develop a transportation plan (survey the transportation journey, travel time, delivery location, topographic location where the goods are loaded and unloaded…) With experience in transporting super-long and super-heavy goods for large projects such as Ea Nam Dak Lak wind power, Dong Hai 1 – Tra Vinh wind power, No. 5 – Ninh Thuan wind power… Trungnam SMC is proud of its ability to transport its flexible, safe and efficient transfer. We are always ready for the transportation of oversized goods, meeting all the transportation needs of our customers.