Transporting wind power equipment from Nam Van Phong port to Dak Lak


Transporting wind power equipment, including: generator, hub, nacelle and other supporting equipment from Nam Van Phong port – Khanh Hoa to Ea Nam Dak Lak wind power project.

The work is divided into 2 phases: Load in from the ship to the trailer and transport to the project. These are all super-heavy cargos with a volume of up to 130 MT, requiring load-in and transportation work to be carefully calculated to every detail to ensure absolute safety and fastest.

The process of loading-in, lashing and seafastening equipment onto the transport trailer

The transportation route from Nam Van Phong port to Dak Lak with a total length of more than 200km, must pass two sections of Phuong Hoang and M’Drak passes with winding and dangerous passes with the same travel time at night, making transportation extremely difficult and dangerous.

The journey of transporting wind power equipment from Nam Van Phong port to Dak Lak

Trung Nam SMC's mission

Trungnam SMC used the latest model 18-axle Goldhofer trailer modules and the latest model Donat 10-axle trailer to transport the equipment.

Most of the transportation time is at night to minimize traffic jams and make traveling more convenient.

In order to ensure the safe movement, Trungnam SMC received the support of the police of the Road Management Sub-Department 3.3 and the police of Dak Lak province in participating in leading the group through the dangerous passes, the residential populated areas…

Most of the transport time is at night

The car leads the group through the residential area


130 MT
MAN 180 MT tractor combined with 18-axle Goldhofer THP trailers and 10-axle Donat trailers

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