Project of resolution on inundation caused by flood tide in Ho Chi Minh city considering climate change factor – Phase 1


The project implements flood control due to high tides and proactively responds to climate change for an area of 570 km2 with about 6.5 million people in the right bank of the Saigon River and the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

Build 06 tidal control sluices including Ben Nghe, Tan Thuan, Phu Xuan, Muong Chuoi, Cay Kho, Phu Dinh with a width of 40 – 160m.

Build 1 pumping station at Ben Nghe sluice with a capacity of 12m3/s, 1 pumping station of 24m3/s at Tan Thuan sluice, and 1 pumping station of 18m3/s at Phu Dinh sluice.

Construct 7.8km of dike/embankment along the Saigon River from Vam Thuat to Song Kinh in key sections.

Small culverts have an aperture of 1.0 m – 10.0 m from Vam Thuat to Muong Chuoi.

Build a central manager for the whole project and SCADA system.

Mission of Trungnam SMC

Provide brace frame against shoring system, sheet pile and technical support for construction


1 District, 4 District, 7 District, 8 District, Binh Chanh District, Nha Be District - City. Ho Chi Minh.
Contract value
372 billion VND

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