Load in the Goliath 700MT crane components at Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding


The project of load in the Goliath crane components with a weight to 2,461 MT using SPMT equipment at Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding.

SPMT equipment (self-propelled module transport device) is put into use in the process of load in components from vessel onto wharf and then to the final installation location.


Trung Nam SMC's mission

Using Trungnam SMC’s 48 SPMT axles combined with Roll Group’s 48 SPMT
axles, a total of 96 axles and 7 PPU from Scheuerle was used. The work is carried out extremely carefully and thoroughly in each operation to ensure absolute safety.


Huyndai Vietnam Shipbuilding
2,461 MT
SPMT Scheuerle
Number of equipments mobilized
96 axle SPMT and 7 PPU

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