Ea Nam – Dak Lak Wind Power


With a capacity of 400MW – Ea Nam wind power plant project is currently the largest capacity wind power plant in the country. The completed project will contribute 1.1 billion kWh/year to the national electricity source, contributing to the goal of developing renewable energy sources and accompanying the government in the goal of reducing Carbon emissions – Zero Carbon by 2050.

This is considered a key project of Trungnam Group in 2021 because of the special scale and significance of a large national project. Nearly 4000 employees worked continuously for 240 days and nights, equivalent to more than 6.5 million working hours to promptly put the project into operation. The entire construction period of the project was during the outbreak of the disease worldwide, halting socio-economic activities. But with the experience and bravery of a leading renewable energy investor, Trungnam Group has mobilized resources and above all it is the spirit of determination to overcome the immediate difficulties to bring the project to the finish line successful.

Mission of Trungnam SMC

Transport and install 84 wind towers by 20 main cranes of type 750 tons to 1250 tons for the installation, including electromechanical and support equipment.

Transporting blades of wind turbine for EaNam project in Dak Lak

Install blades of wind turbine by specialized crane

Construction workers install blades of wind turbine


Ea Nam, Ea Khal and Dlie Yang Communes, Ea H'Leo District, Dak Lak Province
400 MW
Number of wind towers
84 towers
System of 500kV line

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