The wind power industry in the past 10 years has been one of the fastest growing industries, attracting a lot of domestic and foreign investors to participate in the development process green energy industry.


Dự án điện gió EaNam Đăk Lăk

Ea Nam Dak Lak wind power project

Trungnam SMC is proud to be a unit specializing in the construction and installation of wind power, after 13 years of establishment and development, now Trungnam SMC’s personnel has increased to more than 800 peoples, we have invested a lot in machinery and equipment. Not to mention the 800 tons and 1250 tons cranes from Sany, the world’s largest supplier of crane equipment for the construction and installation of wind power onshore and offshore. We own many equipment, with a guideline of “One destination”, both rented to customers and we construct and install to help the project be completed as quickly as possible on schedule.


Thay cánh quạt điện gió Phương Mai

Replace Phuong Mai wind turbine blades

June 2022 Trungnam SMC is replacing and repairing GE turbine blades for Phuong Mai wind power project. We used 130 tons wheel axle cranes and 800 tons crawler crane combinations.


Cẩu 800 tấn kết hợp cẩu bánh lốp 130 tấn

800 tons crawler crane combined with 130 tons wheel axle crane

With the experience of the engineering team at Trungnam SMC, we have helped customers have the optimal solutions for the fastest construction, as well as the optimal choice of equipment, to help reduce costs for the investor still ensure the safety of the project.
Sincerely thank customers for trusting and accompanying Trungnam SMC over the past years.