The transport of super-heavy equipment onto the barge is a highly technical job to ensure absolute safety and speed. Learn how to put a crane weighing up to hundreds of tons on the barge with Trungnam SMC through the article below.


With a weight of up to hundreds of tons, putting equipment on a barge lying at sea is an extremely difficult and complicated task, requiring detailed calculations on stability, placement, arrangement, lashing equipment on barges to ensure absolute safety and efficiency of equipment exploitation.

To ensure safety during implementation, engineers need to take into account all possible worst-case scenarios to come up with the most effective implementation plans.

Careful preparation to every little detail before implementation to ensure absolute safety.

The most optimal solution for this job is to disassemble the equipment parts to divide the weight of the equipment, making the lifting safer and easier. In addition, it is necessary to mobilize specialized equipment to participate in supporting this job.

To better understand the process, see how Trungnam SMC loaded a 180 tons crawler crane onto the barge.


On July 8, 2022, Trungnam SMC loaded a 180 tons crawler crane onto a 14,000 tons barge at Ca Na port, Ninh Thuan to install and repair wind power projects at sea.

With a self-weight of nearly 200 tons, it is extremely difficult to transfer intact equipment to the barge when the barge is lying on the sea, uneven and often fluctuated by waves.

Therefore, after calculating all options, Trungnam SMC’s technical team chose to disassemble the equipment and use a dedicated 180 tons crawler crane to support transportation and installation.

A 180 tons crawler crane was mobilized to participate in lifting equipment onto the barge.


Engineers thoroughly check before placing equipment on barge.

With the careful preparation to every little detail and the extensive experience of the engineer team in providing the services of combination, load testing, seafastening and lashing of crawler cranes from 250T – 1250T on previous sea barges , Trungnam SMC did this job quickly and ensured absolute safety during the working process. These are the great efforts of Trungnam SMC’s staff to contribute to the work being done efficiently and on schedule.

Trungnam SMC is the first choice in the construction and installation of wind power and transportation of super-heavy goods.