On May 13, 2022, at the office of Ba Son Corporation, a contract signing ceremony took place between Ba Son company and Trung Nam Southern Mechanical Company (referred to as Trungnam SMC).


Lễ ký hợp đồng Trungnam SMC và Ba Son

Trungnam SMC and Ba Son contract signing ceremony


The two sides have agreed on the contents of close cooperation with each other, Ba Son company will support Trungnam SMC company, issues related to transporting goods to and from Ba Son port during the period next. At this signing ceremony, the parties also highly appreciated the competence of leaders of both companies.

In the coming time, when Trung Nam wind power project is deployed, the goods and components of the turbine will also be prioritized to be imported at Bason Port.

Currently, Trungnam SMC is managing and exploiting a huge amount of equipment up to 400 such as cranes from 25-1250T, barges up to 14,000 tons, super-heavy transport equipment, SPMT loadout equipment, forklifts and other equipment.


Kho Tập Kết Thiết Bị Của Trungnam SMC

Equipment Gathering Warehouse of Trungnam SMC


With the ability to transport super-long and super-heavy goods, outstanding wind power construction on road and sea, experienced staff.

Vận chuyển cánh quạt điện gió

Transporting blade of wind power


Trungnam SMC is committed to providing customers with the safest and most optimal transportation solutions!


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