Crawler Crane

Trungnam SMC owns a diverse fleet of crawler cranes from 55T to 1250T from SANY, and 750T from LIEBHERR.

SANY 1250T (Production year 2021)
SANY 800T, 250T, 180T, 130T, 55T (Production year 2020-2021)
LIEBHERR 750T (Year 2006)
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Mobile crane

Trungnam SMC owns a new and diverse fleet of mobile cranes from 25 Tons to 600 Tons

SANY 600T, 220T (Production year 2021)
SANY 130T, 80T, 50T, 25T (Production year 2020-2021)
ZOOMLION 110T (Year 2014)
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Trungnam SMC owns a new and diverse fleet of tractors of MAN, SHACMAN, KAMAZ . brands

Tractor MAN 250T (Production year 2016-2019)
Tractor MAN 180T (Year of production 2021)
Tractor MAN 160T (Manufacturing year 2016-2019)
SHACMAN Tractor (Year of SX 2021)
KAMAZ tractors (Year of manufacture 2015)
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SPMT - Trailer - Dolly

Trungnam SMC owns 48 SPMT axles, 100 hydraulic trailer axles and a dedicated team of Dolly for pulling wind turbines. All new, manufactured in 2021

SPMT SCHEUERLE (Production year 2021)
THP Goldhofer hydraulic trailer (Year of production 2021)
Dolly transports wings (Spring year 2021)
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Trungnam SMC owns a fleet of 14,000T barges that are equipped with 1250T Cranes specializing in offshore wind power construction and 8,000T Barges specializing in transportation.

Barge 14,000 tons (Using crane 1250T, 250T, 55T)
Barge 8,000 Tons
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Trungnam SMC owns a variety of trailers from 3 to 10 axles with permissible tonnage from 32T to 120T

3-axle floor semi-trailer
Dwarf 4-axle semi-trailer
Semi-trailer 10 axles 22m, 32m
Semi-trailer 04 axles.54m (v/c wings)
Sơ mi Rơ Mooc 8 trục/62m (v/c cánh)
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Trungnam SMC owns forklifts 5T and 7T

Forklift truck Liugong 7T
Forklift EP 7T
Forklift EP 5T
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Forklifts people

Trungnam SMC owns scissor and Z boom forklifts with a maximum height from 15m to 21m with a maximum lifting weight from 223kg to 680kg

Genie self-propelled scissor lift
Haulotte 18.5 Z-boom . self-propelled forklift
Genie Z-62/40 . self-propelled forklift
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