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Since its establishment in 2013 until now, Trungnam SMC has continuously grown and increasingly affirmed its outstanding capacity in works and projects of national scale. Combined with the ability to transport super-heavy loads, Trungnam SMC boldly participates in wind power projects in the direct role of construction and installation.

Mission of Trungnam SMC

The entire team of Trungnam SMC has joined hands and actively invested in energy, industrial and infrastructure projects.




Trungnam SMC is directly involved in the construction and installation of wind power projects

With the potential of specialized transport equipment and professional construction ability, Trungnam SMC can handle all tasks well from receiving goods at the port to installing on site. All construction and installation work is thoroughly checked according to the process before being transported to installation, ensuring safety and efficiency for the project.


The 14 ton barge Trungnam smc is constructing and installing wind poles at sea

2021 is considered a race to invest in renewable energy in Vietnam, both onshore and offshore. In particular, Trungnam SMC has contributed a lot to the success of 2 projects: EaNam onshore wind power in Dak Lak 1 and Dong Hai 1 offshore wind power in Tra Vinh.



Dong Hai 1 offshore wind power plant – Tra Vinh

EaNam Wind Power Dak Lak 1


  • Trungnam SMC’s vision for energy projects – wind power construction


Vietnam is one of the countries with rich wind resources in the top of Southeast Asia with the goal of generating electricity from wind energy up to 11.8 GW by 2030. With energy demand in With a sharp increase in water consumption, an average of about 9 – 10% per year, Vietnam has been implementing many policies to support the development of renewable energy projects, meet the demand for clean energy and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. future glasses.

This shows that Vietnam needs a lot of companies operating in the field of construction and installation of energy and heavy industry projects to realize renewable energy power projects nationwide. Trungnam SMC is very honored to be an indispensable part of wind power construction and installation projects in Vietnam with a variety of scales, typically two onshore and offshore wind power projects that have just been inaugurated in 2018. year 2021.

Through projects, Trungnam SMC has gradually affirmed its position as the most important strategic partner, providing the most optimal solutions for wind power projects onshore and at sea.

With the goal of sustainable development, Trungnam SMC constantly invests in products, improves quality and services, commits to bring customers absolute satisfaction when using equipment rental services. , transportation, construction and installation of wind power. Please contact us via hotline 0856 48 58 68, with a team of experienced consultants will give you the best solutions.

Trungnam SMC – “My solution – your success”.


Total area
9.016 m2
Total number of apartments
1,068 units
24 floors

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