Full equipment to serve the project

Our engineering department is always at your service, to provide engineering for your project no matter how big or small.

With a full range of large and small equipment suitable for customers’ projects, a fleet of specialized vans to transport propellers, a team of technicians and drivers who are professional, experienced and dedicated.

Modern equipment, fully meet the needs.


Owning marine equipment suitable for shipping and assembly at sea.

Provide project completion support services

We can provide FEED engineering, route studies, and more. for projects to support decisions about the equipment and resources needed to complete your project safely and efficiently.

With the latest IT system of Trungnam SMC, we are confident to help you solve problems quickly.

In addition, Trungnam SMC also provides maintenance services for wind power farms with a large-capacity mobile crane system.

Trungnam SMC engineers are operating SPMT.


Install the wind wing overhead.

Personnel size

76 people
Office staff
46 people
400 pcs

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